Nature Photography – Blue Ridge Parkway

Below are more images from my drive along a portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  These photos were taken in and around the Doughton Park area.  We also stopped and photographed a small pond just north of the park but I do not remember the name of the pond.

Open field Doughton Park

A photo of an open field at Doughton Park.

Doughton Park Rock Outcropping Landscape

Same field, just a different perspective with the rock outcropping in the foreground.

Landsacpe Photo Doughton Park

This photo was also taken at Doughton Park. You can see one of the balds in the distance.

Blue Ridge Parkway Mountain View

Layer of mountains fade into the distance. This photo was taken at Doughton Park at one of the many overlooks within the park and along the parkway.


Small pond just off the parkway.

Blue Ridge Parkway Pond

Same pond from a different vantage point. The water was really calm and still.

Blue Ridge Parkway Pond

Portrait view so I could include a bit of the sky. By this time is was getting later in the evening.

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