Graphite pencil drawing of a human skull
Graphite pencil drawing of a human skull I created for a class assignment.

This is a drawing of a human skull that I created from a photo reference.  This drawing was done as part of an assignment for a beginner drawing class I took last year.  The class was offered through my local art gallery.

You can obviously see the grid lines that I drew to help me get the proportions correct.  These types of lines would normally be erased.  However, on this particular drawing I decided to let them remain.  To me, they keep the drawing honest and help to document my learning process.

Prior to October of 2016 I had not pursued my interest in drawing and sketching other than occasionally checking out a book or two from the library or surfing the web for pencil art and tutorials.  I have had a strong interest in drawing since my childhood but I had not taken any art classes since my junior year of high school.  When I noticed the art gallery was offering a beginner drawing class I decided I would give it a shot.

Looking back on it now, even though it’s been less than a year.  That small decision to pursue an interest has impacted my daily life.  Even though I do not always have the time to create a sketch or slow down to spend time working on a drawing, the interest and desire is always there.  It has added a creative outlet to my life that I am thankful to have.


10 thoughts on “ Graphite Drawing – Human Skull ”

  1. Well done Michael, thanks for sharing that :o)

    Excellent sense of depth on that drawing.

    I can relate to and agree with everything you said there. Keeping those lines in keeps it more honest, that’s probably partly why I’ve done most drawing in ink for the past couple of years. The construction lines and eyeballing adding to the end picture, if it’s not for a practice sketch then I have occasionally put in some guide lines with pencil first but that’s quite rare.

    That last paragraph and particularly the last sentence hit home.

    Prior to 2012 I didn’t draw, I was one of the 99% “oh no, I can’t draw, I’m not talented…” population. Little did I know that 100% of the population CAN draw.

    It was from another unrelated interest (neuroscience) that art came into my life, now it’s a daily pursuit and I can’t imagine a life without it.

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  2. Amazing work! I think drawing and sketches are another way to get to know a person. Much like writing and photography and more, sketching images represent a touch of yourself. I myself sketch sometimes and it can even have a therapeutic effect.

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