Graphite Drawing – Out to Pasture

"Out to Pasture" completed drawing.

The completed drawing. 10″ x 14″

I started this graphite drawing in December of last year.  I steadily worked on it until it was around 85% complete.  Then, doubt entered into my mind.  I didn’t think I had the skill level necessary to complete the work.  So for months this drawing laid in my drawer waiting for me to find the confidence to finish it.  Last week I decided I had procrastinated enough!  So I pulled it out, dusted it off, and got back to work.

Now I have a completed piece!  The sad part is I allowed doubt to sabotage my progress and hold me back.  Sometimes it’s best to charge ahead. You may surprise yourself, you may be more capable than you think, or maybe learning comes from the experience of doing.


Enlarged view

This drawing was created using a photo reference from 

7 thoughts

  1. Again, I can totally relate to this post. You are great at hitting the nail on the head Michael.

    I have an A3 drawing, also of a car as it happens. I’m not entirely sure when I started it but I think November 2016, about half-way done I’d say as it sits there mocking me every time I go to that particular sketchpad.

    Partly there are parts of it I’m still not 100% sure how to tackle, partly I’ve invested so much time into it and don’t want to ruin it, and partly because I seem to suffer with impatience to get on with other stuff. I literally have a list of about 150-200 “projects” I want to tackle and I certainly add to the list quicker than I complete the items off of it.

    Anyways, enough about that dilemma. Very glad you got to finish your one, the reflections off the front grille are great.

    On the top picture it looks like you’ve got a metal sleeve around the pencil?

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