I managed to find time to create a sketch today.  I will say that I am a bit disappointed in the way it turned out.  But, I did try to do something different with this sketch.  A bit of experimentation.  It just didn’t turn out to well.

Enough of that…here is the sketch.  Oh, today I did decide to go with the official prompt of underwater.


8 thoughts on “ Inktober – Day 4 ”

  1. I can understand disappointment… not with your drawing – that looks just about right to me and good job for staying on theme. And of course… great job for turning up and trying – a sure-fire guarantee of failure is to not bother at all, to get distracted by some other time-suck nonsense.

    I can understand the disappointment because I had the exact same today, it didn’t work out as I’d imagined but time was up so I posted it up to instagram. And you know what, people were clicking those ‘likes’ and commenting praise just the same, despite the fact in my eyes it’s the worst couple of drawings so far for Inktober.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been 100% happy with a single drawing I’ve done, but I’ve learned to accept that 60-80% happy is good enough, because someone out there will probably like it 100%. Doctors make the worst patients, artists make the worst self-critics :o)

    Back to your drawing – I like it, the deep water effect works !! 😀

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