Inktober Day 18, Filthy.

Ok, I had a vision of what I wanted this sketch to be…but, that was in the beginning.  Somewhere along the journey the train went of the tracks.  I tried a bit of experimentation and, well, it just didn’t turn out the way I envisioned it in my mind.  Oh well,  here it is anyway.





3 thoughts on “ Inktober – Day 18 ”

    1. I was simply experimenting with a slightly darker theme to the sketch and the fact that I lack experience with some of the pens and markers I used. Things where going pretty good until my attempt to render the black coating on the tongue and chin. At that point things started to go down hill quickly. At one point it actually looked much worse. I was able to cover over some of the white gel pen on the tongue using a copic marker. I was disappointed with the coating on the tongue and chin. I wanted the sketch to have a more dramatic feel and I think it missed the mark.

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