Inktober Day 31, Mask.

Yes, I realize Inktober ended yesterday.  However, I had Daddy duty on Halloween and wasn’t able to get in the final sketch.  So, please forgive the tardiness.
This was my first Inktober and I’ve got to say…Man, It was Awesome!!!  I can’t believe I was hesitant to take on this challenge.  I feel like I have really grown as a result of participating.  I enjoyed viewing the work of others as much as creating my own.  There are some truly skilled people out there creating art.
The support and feedback that I received from my fellow bloggers during this challenge was encouraging and greatly appreciated.  There are two individuals that stand out as being both motivating and supportive.  So I would like to give a shout-out to Steve at and Nitesh at Sketches By Nitesh.  These guys really motivated me to press on.  I would not have even attempted the challenge if it hadn’t been for the nudging I received from Nitesh during an exchange of comments just days before the challenge began on October 1st.  Thanks guys!




4 thoughts on “ Inktober – Day 31 ”

  1. Well, I’m slightly late in reading this one. No idea how I missed it, but anyhow. I’m glad to be of help, and believe me, it was a pleasure looking at your work. I think I’ve commented on many occasions that the contrast in your sketches improved drastically with time, or something else in that line, huh?

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    1. Thanks, you were very encouraging to me. I remember we had a small conversation through post comments a day or so prior to the start of Inktober. At that time, I was unsure whether to participate or not. You encouraged me and ensured me that I should do it even if all I did was produce doodles. So, I took your advice and decided to give a go. I am very glad I did. Thank you.


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