A few weeks ago I thought I would download the Sktchy App and see what it was about.  If you haven’t heard of Sktchy I would suggest that you visit the Apple App Store or https://www.sktchy.com and check it out (Currently, I think the app is only available for iOS devices).  To me, Sktchy is similar to Instagram.  Only, it’s completely oriented towards artist.  The app is a place where you can view the art and inspiration of others, as well as, share your own.  Inspiration within the app comes from photos (often selfies) uploaded from other Sktchy users.  If you create art based on another user’s inspiration you can link to the inspiration photo when posting your art.  People viewing you art can simply swipe right to see the inspiration photo.

Anyway here is my latest sketch.  It is based on inspiration that I found via Sktchy.


4 thoughts on “ Pen and Ink Portrait (Inspiration via Sktchy) ”

  1. Looks interesting, I’m never short of subject matter to be honest. Got a list that’ll last me for years I reckon…. but I’ve signed up to see how others interpret images – and of course yours is the first most interesting. Well done 👍🏻

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      1. Having spent the last hour on it looking at the pictures I have to say, what a great recommendation. I can see I’ll be spending even more time perusing through.

        Won’t take much searching, hopefully it’s registered as stevekiddart if I’ve done it correctly, I’ll look out for you…

        So… because I don’t have time to post across 4-5 social media “timesucks” I use the cross-posting abilities built in. With yet another diversionary application I’m going to have to find something to also replicate my “likes” and “comments” ha ha.

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