So a few days ago I posted a portrait sketch and wrote about the app Sktchy.  I am still enjoy the app and I am beginning to build up a collection of inspiration photos in my queue.  Below is my latest sketch (via Sktchy).


I’ve got to say this guy was a blast to draw.  The facial expression was too good to pass up.  I struggled a bit with the beard, and there’s a lot of it!  I nearly ruined the sketch with a miserable attempt to add his hair to the sketch.  In the end I had no choice but to cover it up with black ink but, I think the sketch still works.


4 thoughts on “ Portrait Sketch (via Sktchy) ”

  1. You know…. I think you had beard practice with your chimp !!

    Thanks to your recommendation I’ve selected a “victim”, ahem… “subject” – will aim to get my first sktchy post up in the next day or so.

    I would’ve done one today but found you can’t use your own photos for inspiration. As I’ve only just done that double-portrait last week (now jetting it’s way to Indonesia) I hoped I could post that up. No such luck 😦

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