I’ve been doing pen and ink exclusively since the beginning of Inktober.  This morning I really wanted to sketch with graphite.  So, I found some inspiration on Sktchy and started making marks on the page.  This is what I ended up with.  The sketch was created using a range of graphite pencils from 2H up to 8B.  I used a white Prismacolor pencil for the highlights.




8 thoughts on “ Sktchy Portrait #4 ”

    1. Sure, Sktchy is an app for iPhone. It is similar in operation to Instagram but is focused on sharing artwork and inspiration photos. Users can upload either art or inspiration. You can browse the inspiration section to find photos of people, places, or things you would like to draw. If you create a drawing based on another users inspiration photo then you select the photo you used. When people browse the art section and view your art they can swipe right to see the inspiration photo it was based on.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I can really get into slowly building up the values in a sketch. I find it almost therapeutic whether I’m shading with graphite or hatching with a pen. It’s by far the most interesting part of sketching and drawing for me.

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