The portrait of Ben was inspired via the app sktchy.  I am still enjoying using this app for the vast amount of inspiration photos as well as the community that it provides.  Even if you aren’t an artist you can still upload inspiration photos and allow artist to create works based on your inspiration.  It’s a very cool concept.  Click here to see Ben’s inspiration photo on Sktchy.


If you enjoyed this post, please visit the links below to see some of my other works.  Thanks.


7 thoughts on “ Ben’s Portrait ”

  1. Another cracker, well done Michael.

    It’s a shame that Sktchy don’t seem to have written the same app for Android users, I changed back from the iPhone just before Christmas so don’t really get to check Sktchy now. Probably just as well right now whilst working on other projects but as Arnie says “I’ll be back” – I’ve got at least 9-10 in that queue waiting to be done…. unfinished business 😀

    Keep going with yours – they’re great!!

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  2. isnt it strange how back in the 90’s we was out buying paper and pens, i almost forgot how to draw lol, since computer graphics and design software took over paper and pencil drawings., nice reminder
    thank you

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    1. Thank you for the kind words. I spend nearly my entire workday at a computer, using design software to develop construction drawings. Once the workday is over, It’s a welcome change to hold a pencil and create.


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