There’s something about this image that I find intriguing.  To me, it speaks of loneliness and abandonment.

The bars on the window indicate that perhaps, at sometime in the past, this building held items that were precious to someone.  The building and it’s contents where important and worth protecting.

Now…only shards of glass and tattered drapes remain.  Important to no one, simply forgotten and neglected.


This image was shot during the same outing as my On the hunt for reflections… post.

As always, thanks for viewing my photos…I hope you enjoy them.

– Mike L.


One thought on “ Abandoned & Lonely ”

  1. It’s fascinating how abandoned buildings soon fall apart.

    Near me is an old riding school that shut down, when it was running it was a posh outfit with quite a new building.

    Within a couple of years of going bankrupt the previous posh building looked more like something that had been bombed in the blitz. The roof was falling in for instance, now why? If people were in the building going about their business they wouldn’t be doing anything to the roof, it wouldn’t be falling in, it’s almost like the building has decided that it’s unloved, unused and going to collapse.


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