It’s been a while since I posted anything drawing related.  To be honest with everyone I actually put my pens and pencils away for a bit in order to concentrate on other things.  Lately, I have been feeling an urge to pick up my pencils and draw again.

I must admit that I have missed drawing, I have missed the therapeutic feeling of just zoning out and drawing, to get lost in the details of a sketch, to truly observe your subject.  When drawing, your mind tends to become hyper-focused on the task at hand and that allows the outside world, and it’s distractions, to disappear for a while.  It is a nice break!

In the past, I have used the app Sktchy for a lot of my portraits and naturally, I went back to my old habits.  The reference photo for this portrait can be found here.  Below is my sketch, I hope you like it.

Lukiss Sketch Image

I think there will be more drawing content in 2019!

Thank you for visiting!  As always, it is sincerely appreciated.

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