Too cold for a swim…

I took this shot of my 8-year-old son this past December while visiting Sulivan’s Island, SC

We were actually staying in Charleston, SC and took a short drive to Mount Pleasant, Sulivan’s Island, and Isle of Palms.  The air temperatures where pleasant for December, but, way to cool to actually get wet.

We had walked out onto the beach, just exploring a bit.  I noticed the sea foam on the shore and sat my camera on the sand to get the photo with my son at looking out towards the ocean.

I realize you can’t see his face or even know that it’s him.  But, that’s one of the things about the photo that appeals to me.  I think it captures a bit of that childhood curiosity and the explorer’s spirit as he stands there looking out towards such a big world.

Sunday Snap 03-03-19

Thanks for viewing, I hope you have a great day!

Mike L.

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