This past week was a good week for sketching.  I’m still making good use of my morning’s and putting marks on paper.  Starting the day with such a focused activity seems to “jump start” my creativity and center my mind.

I have been trying to loosen my sketching “style “.  Style may be a strong word as I feel that I haven’t actually discovered my style yet, but, I’m enjoying the process.  I hope to one day get to the point were my sketches convey more energy and movement.  For now, though, I am pleased with my progress.  I’m taking a “no pressure” attitude and approach to my art.

Today, I’m sharing a page from my everyday sketchbook/journal.  On this page, I simply drew a few faces from reference.  The layout is a bit haphazard and perhaps not the best composition but, I was simply making marks at the time.

Faces 031619

Thank you for reading my words and viewing my art.  – Mike

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