Southport Bench Warmer…

We recently spent a few days in one of my favorite seaside towns, Southport, NC. Southport is a charming community located in the extreme southeast corner of North Carolina.  The town has a lot of history and has appeared in many television and film productions.  We try to visit every spring.  The town is not heavily commercialized at all and therefore, retains its charm as a sleepy, but welcoming, seaside town.

While there we strolled around The Southport Spring Festival which features arts & crafts from regional artisans.  That’s where I spotted this gentleman on the bench, I assume he is waiting on the missus to finish exploring the festival while he sits patiently and observes.

Sunday Snap 04.21.19

Thanks for viewing, I hope everyone has a creative & wonderful day. – Mike


7 thoughts on “ Sunday Snap 04.21.19 ”

    1. Interesting, I imagine there are probably several Soutports with such a generic name. This particular town started out as Smithville but, later changed the name to Southport in an effort to establish the town as a seaside port.

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  1. I often see elderly men like this sitting on benches and surveying the scene. Kind of on the outskirts of life looking in. Something restful and being at peace about it.

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