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A few weeks ago I was lucky enough for my employer to provide me with a new iPad and Apple Pencil.  I call already see the benefits of such a device in the workplace, but, I had to ask myself, why place limitations?  These newly acquired accouterments of the modern age can be beneficial in my creative life as well!

I’ve heard nothing but good things about the app Procreate.  So, I gladly forked over my $9.99 to give this a try.  I figured at such a cheap price (less than most sketchbooks) why not give it a shot.

I experimented with it over the weekend and I must say, the experience is quite natural.  Of course, with it being a new tool, I may have gone overboard a little experimenting with the different brushes and abilities.

I’m looking forward to adding this new medium into my regular weekly sketch practice.  In no way do I plan to abandon real mark making on paper.  But, I must say I can see this being extremely convenient and so unlimited in what you can create.  The base version comes with a multitude of tools that mimic several mediums.  Which, may lead to more creative works!

I created the sketch below using a reference image that I admittedly imported into Procreate and traced the primary facial features.  I wanted to get a feel for the application before trying to establish facial features by eye.  So, I may have cheated a bit on this one, but, just keep it between us, Thanks.

Photo Apr 21, 8 39 23 AM

Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful day! – Mike

10 thoughts on “ Going Digital? ”

  1. Good good – glad to see you’ve ventured forth after our discussion.

    How coincidental that we’ve ended up with the same platform at the same time, though I feel that along with our other similarities we’re possibly a bit late to the digital party but no matter…

    Whilst I’m enjoying this new toy I’d say that it’s measured with equal amounts of frustration – but most likely down to the learning curve. I could (probably did) say the same about starting watercolour last year.

    Tracing to learn the toolset is fine but I’m avoiding it myself. If I use a base layer at all it’s to mark out some points to get the perspective or proportions correct. I’d do the same if I was doing a drawing on paper – with a ruler, a grid or measuring with eye/thumb/pencil judgement so I think it’s fair enough and not cheating.

    You are an artist (yes you are) so I’m hopeful you’ll do the same, for me the result is maybe more “wonky” but also more “genuine”.

    There’s an interesting part of an interview with James Gurney – take a look at the question regarding the future of traditional / digital art.

    For me, I’ve never regarded digital art with that much affection having seen a work colleague produce a decent looking “work of art” in a single lunch break with a combination of tracing and then finishing off with an automated app. By his own admission he couldn’t draw for toffee – but that “painting” based on a photo on his phone was better than anything I could or still can do.

    The one thing we can claim though, when the batteries run out we can still pick up a chunk of burnt wood and make an image. Best of luck with this endeavour – we can compare notes and educate each other as we go 😀

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    1. Thanks, Steve. I really appreciate your feedback.

      The “Cheating” part was only a one-time deal. That came partially from lack of confidence with the digital medium but, mostly from impatience and my desire to dive into the fun parts!

      I’ll definitely check out the James Gurney link, I’m familiar with his blog and youtube videos. He’s a creative person with a ton of knowledge and shares his knowledge in an easy to understand, down to earth format.

      I plan to continue experimenting with digital and work it into my regular sketch practice. Perhaps alternate between digital and traditional methods.

      I’ll be looking forward to comparing notes with you as we both scale the learning curve!

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      1. Yep, sounds like we have the same thing in mind.

        One thing I will be trying is to ‘re-do’ on of my less successful paintings.

        There’s one I’m working on where I simply lacked the skill to do what I had in mind, and in fact I’m not entirely sure if it’s even possible with watercolour – so for that one I have scanned it in and I will be effectively “tracing/cheating” to some extent. But as I created the original painting by eye then perhaps the critical world can cut me a break on that one ;o)

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  2. Nice. Welcome to the 21st-century. When I drafted for the cabinet industry, all those many years ago; I progressed from T-square and triangles, to a drafting machine, and then eventually to CAD. If one does not lose sight of humble beginnings, and use technology as yet another tool; it can be quite rewarding.

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