and what fun it is…

This is Jonathon, he is another face from my Sktchy Queue.

Jonothan has been in my queue for a very long time.  He’s been waiting on me to purchase some black paper so I can create a proper sketch of this wonderful inspiration photo.  I still haven’t purchased any black paper…but, if I sketch him digitally, I don’t have to.

I’ve been itching to create another digital portrait so, I thought this would be a great opportunity to capitalize on the ability to choose the background and media color.

This sketch was created in Procreate using the 6B pencil brush.  I kept this sketch simple, more keeping with my usual style.

Digital Sketch Jonathon

Thank for stopping by, I hope you have a great week – Mike

10 thoughts on “ More Fun with Procreate ”

    1. I’m sure you will. I think having the Apple pencil helps tremendously. It’s pressure sensitive and you can also tilt the pencil to get a broader stroke just like using the real thing!

      Also, no cheating this time, lol, all drawn by eye, errors and all!

      One other thing I utilized in this drawing, was to draw subtractively. Effectively utilizing the eraser to soften edges and create transitions.

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      1. Even better then when drawn by eye.

        I think after doing that charcoal drawing last week I’m missing that ‘organic’ contact – but no matter, it’s early days and I’ve already done a few things with it that I can’t do organically 😁

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  1. I do enjoy procreate as well, although on a lower lever than you. Love this drawing! I want to try doing sketches on black backgrounds as well now 🙂 Your website looks really great, by the way 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Kim. I really appreciate your kind words and feedback. I haven’t been using Procreate long but I’m really enjoying it. I’m working on a new sketch now that should post in a day or two.

      I just started following your site today, I really like the feel of your paintings. I’m looking forward to seeing your future posts. Have a great day – Mike


      1. Procreate sure is a great way to have some quick and easy fun. I’m looking forward to seeing your next post, then.

        And I’m honored that you want to follow my site. I hope you’ll enjoy future posts 🙂

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