I’m really starting to get comfortable with Procreate…

This is Simon Pegg, English actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer.  I came across a wonderful photo of him that I found intriguing.  I decided to create his portrait digitally using Procreate. I apologize but I do not know the name of the photographer.  So I am unable to provide photo credit.

Currently, I am alternating between traditional and digital means of sketching.  The overall feel of digital sketching is very different.  There is no permanence to any line or mark you make.  If you don’t like the results you can simply hit the undo button.  This is wonderful for experimentation but I think it can become a crutch quickly.

I believe I must continue to sketch traditionally in order to keep my skill level sharp.  I think it is beneficial to the artist to work with a medium where there is some amount of permanence to each stroke made.  Sure, you can always erase a pencil mark but if that mark is in an area of shading you can also destroy the good marks.  So you have to be adaptive and that’s were finesse and technique come into play.  The permanence forces one to deal with what is on the page.

I plan to continue with both forms of creation.  I find both forms of creating extremely enjoyable and relaxing.

This sketch was created in Procreate, using the 6B pencil brush.


Thank for stopping by, I hope you have a great week – Mike

13 thoughts on “ Procreate Portrait of Mr. Pegg ”

  1. Simply wonderful, Michael. You’ve hit another piece of artwork right out of the park. In general, I like the unique subjects you find to draw—they’re always fascinating sketches; and these types of images showcase your talents. I can’t wait to see what you draw next. Cheers.

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  2. Great stuff, in total agreement about avoidance of the Undo.

    I set myself up with a rule when trying to sketch to only use the undo if the mistake was not of my doing or through ineptitude, in other words if I’m on the train it’s impossible to draw a line on the bumpy bits of track. Likewise if I select a ‘brush’ that obliterates half the screen with a splash of purple then I’m gonna be all over that Undo button 😛

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      1. I’m part way through a horse sketch I started yesterday, from life (statue) and just with the 6B and eraser. So as close to real sketching as I can get.

        However, it is looking a bit messy so I’ve added a layer on top and drawing neater lines more carefully. I wonder if that’s cheating as I’m effectively tracing over my own drawing onto a clean sheet, when I delete the messy layer underneath it’ll be like a huuuuge Undo. So perhaps I’m not so disciplined 🤫

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      2. To me, what you described isn’t any different than an illustrator inking over a pencil sketch in order to get a more refined drawing. To be honest, I think doing a rough sketch in the field then using that linework to create a finished sketch in studio sounds like a really good idea.

        Matter of fact, I start all my Procreate work with a very rough under sketch. I create a new layer for the final work and turn down the opacity of the under sketch while I’m working on the final. Once the final is complete I simply turn off the under sketch layer.


  3. I do love Procreate for quick drawings, or something to bring with me when I’m traveling. It’s just so easy and light. I do agree, though, that the opportunity to delete all the wrong lines make it less exciting. I feel that paper is still the real deal. However, procreate is a great way to try and fail with no waste of paper, paint or ink ☺

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