Thank you, Tarana for the inspiration.

This is Tarana,  I found her inspiration photo on the app Sktchy.  Her unique look and bold ear jewelry caught my eye.

This sketch was created in Procreate.  I’m really enjoying sketching digitally, but, I’m going to have to force myself to put it down and spend some time with my traditional sketchbook and pencils.


The image below actually shows the completed sketch.  I brought forward the blue undersketch and added blue highlights to her face.  I am not sure if I like this version or the plain version above best, so I thought I would post both.

What about you, which do you prefer?


I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Thanks for visiting – Mike

8 thoughts on “ Tarana, Inspiration via Sktchy ”

  1. I vote plain as well.

    Impressive pencil marks, I must admit I haven’t used mine for anything other than Netflix this past week. Considering it was bought for artwork I’m feeling a bit guilty for not exercising that iPencil.

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    1. Thanks for your vote, Steve. So far the plain version seems to be taking an early lead.

      Just consider your Netflix viewing as searching for inspiration, perhaps you can grab a few screenshots along the way and use them to create an epic work of art!

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  2. I love blue however the plain one offers less of ‘line’ on her profile so I’m with the others on the initial image Michael… I must try doing som me digital drawing … wonderful works! So fun 🤓☺️

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