Hello all,  I’m have returned from my self-imposed leave.  After the passing of my father I just needed to take some time to regroup and recenter.  I’m truly grateful for your patience as I transitioned through this season in my life.

I’m currently sitting in my home office/studio space.  The house is quiet as my beautiful bride and son are still in bed.  I cherish my morning solitude as it gives me the opportunity to collect my thoughts and provides time for much-needed retrospection.  I believe that everyone can benefit from such time spent alone without distraction.

I have made a few minor tweaks to this blog, an updated about page, & a new minimal theme with full-width image display.  I have made the decision to remove the photographer focus from this blog and focus solely on my art.  Art is something that I truly enjoy,  it removes me from my environment for a while as I focus solely on the work in front of me.  It brings me inner peace and is an activity that can be practiced virtually anywhere I go.

Even though I have been absent from this blog for a few weeks I have been posting somewhat regularly on Instagram.  I have decided that IG is where I will post my day to day activities and works in progress.

I will leave you with a portrait that was created during my break from the blog.  For this particular sketch, I was able to reach out to the photographer of the reference photo I was working from and was able to obtain permission to use his image as a reference.  The photographer is Thorbjorn Fessel, a talented photographer to say the least.

This sketch was created with a 2b mechanical pencil and a 6b pencil for the darker areas.  The sketch lives in my current ‘go-to’ sketchbook.




19 thoughts on “ Back at it ”

    1. Thank you, Lori. You’re correct I have developed this sketch with layers of hatch marks. This method is becoming one of my favorite ways to develop tone. I like the fact that the hatch marks are visible and the structure of the sketch is still apparent. Thanks for commenting. I really appreciate it 😁

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  1. Really think you’re developing well as an artist, at one point I did think you were going to be full time with the wood stuff – beautiful though it was I did hope you were going to be drawing again.

    All the best my friend 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Steve. I really appreciate all the support you have given me on WP and IG. At one time, I nearly did lay down my pencils but…that just wasn’t the way it was mean to be. I am really thankful to have moved back into art. I think it is where I belong, at least for now.
      All the best to you as well.

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