Another older gentleman with an expression that I could pass up.

I do enjoy sketching the older faces.  There’s just so much life written into their skin.  This man’s expression seems to convey concentration and pure determination.

Based, on his expression I don’t believe I would want to get in his way.


5.5″ x 8″, 0.9mm mechanical pencil, 2B lead


Thanks for visiting, I hope everyone has a great day. – Mike

11 thoughts on “ The look of determination ”

    1. I’m glad you like the sketches!

      When I first decided to dedicate myself to sketching daily I began sketching in a notebook that I was currently using as a bullet journal. The thought being that I carried this notebook with me throughout the day so perhaps it will make a daily habit of sketching easier if I utilize what I’m already writing in. Soon, the bullet journal was ‘no more’ and the notebook became my sketchbook. Recently, this book has shifted into a new phase and bacame my sketchbook and journal for capturing my thoughts and ideas. It’s kinda a book for creativity at this point.

      The paper is very smooth and actually takes graphite well. The dots do not help any during sketching. The notebook was originally purchased to be used as a bullet journal so I bought a notebook with dot grid paper.

      Thanks for inquiring and have a great day!

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