Another primate portrait.  I really enjoy drawing primates, it seems there is so much thought and emotion behind their eyes.  I also find the wrinkles and patterns of their faces interesting to draw.

This portrait was finished just a few days ago.  It was created in my sketchbook using a 0.9mm mechanical pencil with 2B lead.  The black background was created using charcoal powder applied with a brush.


18 thoughts on “ Gorilla Portrait ”

      1. I find that looking into the eyes of an Orangutan is a strangely moving experience.

        There’s an old one at a zoo we visit who is quite often leaning up against the glass watching the world go by, you almost ache for him to be able to speak because he genuinely has that look of “been there, done that” and that he could teach us a thing or two.

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      2. Thank you, Steve. So far I have been making my own powder with a stick of charcoal and sandpaper. I plan to order a jar of graphite powder soon and experiment with it.

        Quite often captive animals have the look of longing and despair. If the orangutan could speak, would the message fall on deaf ears?

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      3. Whenever drawing with charcoal sticks I’ve sharpened them into a little pot so I’ve got a little supply for the day I try it out.

        Unfortunately for a fair few species it may be longing but it’s also the only way to prevent extinction.

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