Hello followers and fellow blog stars!

I wanted to share with you the reason for the unpredictable and seldom frequency of my post of late. We have been preparing our home to be placed for sale. We have finally made it to the point where we have listed our home with a real estate agent in hopes of a quick sale.

These preparations have temporarily knocked art of the priority list. Most days, after arriving home from work, I am met with a list of tasks that need to be completed, or at least started that evening. By the time that list has been addressed, I am simply too tired to create. Not to mention that my mind is functioning somewhere south of half capacity.

Anyway, I wanted to reach out to you guys, let you know that I truly value your likes & comments and to let you know that I hope to get back up to speed on this blog soon.

Thank you for your patience.


14 thoughts on “ Life has been getting in the way (of art) ”

  1. As you know, I have to get up early in the day to get my art fix before ‘real life’ starts. I’ve tried to make a slot for it in the evening but aside from having to fight off the tasks and distractions of telly, the family, dinner, etc. I found I’m just finished for the day and certainly lacking the drive to create.

    I think you’ve done the same at weekends if I recall? I was just going to say kudos for being able to even fit it in the evenings, that’s a tough challenge.

    As far as I’m concerned there’s no need for excuses or apologies for life getting in the way – it is what it is. One good thing I’ve found is that the skill doesn’t drop off as quickly as say, running or cycling – art skill is slower to acquire and slower to lose I find.

    Looking forward to your next sketch, but there’s no rush, we’re not going anywhere 😁

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    1. Thanks for the reassurance, Steve. Your words are greatly appreciated. I still have some works that have not been posted so I may be able to post when time allows.
      I have also considered some loose, quick sketching during my lunch hour but, I’m not sure if that will work out or not.

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