Hello, remember me?

I’m still here…I know I’ve been silent for a while.  Life was chaotic towards the end of 2019.  We sold our home and moved into a new place, in a new setting, with more to offer.

We are now living a more relaxed lifestyle.  We purchased and moved into a historic building in the downtown area of our small hometown.  It was constructed in 1925 and we live in the second-floor apartment.  Our building includes a street-level shop that we intend to offer for lease later this year.

For now, we are busy making our new digs a home and things are coming together.  Jennifer (my wife) and I share a small room that we use as an office and studio space.  My drawing desk occupies a corner of the room.  I have a window adjacent to me that allows for natural light and a limited view of the town.


This year, I plan to focus more on drawing and further developing my artistic interest.  I’m thankful for all who read my blog and encourage me along life’s journey.  I’m looking forward to this new year, the opportunities that it holds, & new life experiences.

Thanks for hanging out with me.


16 thoughts on “ New Year, New Digs, Less Distraction ”

  1. Lovette? Hmmm… the name rings a bell… I think I remember…. hmmmm…. 😊

    Glad to see your post pop up Mike, hope the move went ok. How about renting the shop to yourself? Setup a gallery for local artists (including yourself) and fine wooden creations (i.e. your own) – framing services, etc.

    There’s an empty shop just down the road from me which I’ve often looked at and thought I’d take over if I ever had a lottery win. Quitting the city life for one full of creativity sounds quite idyllic to me 😁

    Welcome back sir, I look forward to your drawings 🤗

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    1. Thanks for the warm greeting. The move went well, we are still settling in a bit.
      I would love to see the space used in a way that would bolster the arts. A gallery or even individual artist studios would be wonderful, but the space lacks an abundance of natural light, which could be a drawback. I will probably just settle in to being a landlord and let someone else worry about the finer details of business. 🙂

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