A had a little fun working in Procreate.  This portrait was created on a gray background,  I used simple strokes and crosshatching in both black and white to create the shadows and highlights.  Its a simple technique that produces good results.


So far, traditional (pen & paper) techniques have been a direct transfer to digital media.  I suppose this should be expected given the simple nature of my art.  Sketches are just that, sketches, nothing too complicated.  But, that’s what I enjoy.

I will probably begin to post more digital work in the future.  I have recently acquired some new toys on the digital front.  I hope to have some new work to share soon.

Thanks for reading and have a great day – Mike

7 thoughts on “ Fun with Procreate ”

  1. You’ve transferred to the sketch drawing on the iPad very well. It’d be hard to tell them apart at first glance.

    I haven’t had much luck in doing the same but I haven’t given it much of a proper go really. Started out with high ideals but don’t much like the ‘Biro on glass’ feel to it. I have seen an advert for a screen protector which gives a pencil on paper like experience but it’s quite expensive for what it is so it wasn’t an instant purchase. It’s on the list though 😉

    Interested to find out about the new toys 😀

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    1. Thanks, Steve. I really appreciate your encouragment.

      I believe I’m aware of the screen protector you are speaking of. In the US it is marketed under the name of PaperLike. It is expensive for a screen protector but, I have seen some good reviews on youtube. It’s on my list as well.

      I’ll give you some hints on the new toys. It’s both software and hardware, it’s not portable (like an iPad), and the learning curve seems to be a bit steeper than procreate.


      1. Crikey, a steeper learning curve!! I’d better get some climbing gear 😶

        Yes, paperlike is the one, we get a lot of US stuff advertised over here as well. As I work for a Californian company I could probably get a colleague to buy it there and send it to me rather than pay even more for conversion rates 🙂

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