So, I dusted of my camera and headed down the street in hopes of shooting some of the local happenings. Living in a rural town, photo opportunities can often be limited. However, I am trying to practice and train my eye to find interesting subjects even among the often mundane and sparsely populated streets where I live.

My goal was to capture people going about there business on a Saturday morning. I wasn’t sure what or who I may find but, I was eager to shoot some photos and just see what the morning had in store. Nearing the noon hour, the air was hot & humid with a harsh sun. My timing was intentional as I wanted to capture images with a lot of contrast and harsh lighting conditions.

As I was walking towards Main Street in hopes of finding a shaded area to setup and patiently wait to see what developed I spotted this couple crossing the street and quickly snapped a couple of photos. I like the contrast of the downtown street with the rural county in the background.

I shot this photo earlier in the day, this man had just parked his car and was making his way to the crosswalk that you see in the foreground.

This older gentleman, was slowly making his way up the street. I managed to get a shot of him as I approached him on the street.

Not much of a story line or cohesive collection of photos, however, these were the best of the day. The main thing being, it got me out, walking around and looking for photos. Which was the whole idea.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll post again soon. – Mike

9 thoughts on “ Shooting Small Town Streets ”

    1. Very true, As a matter of fact, I actually re-edited the photos right before writing this post. Initially, I had a much tighter crop on the subjects, but after some thought, I decided I was eliminating too much visual information from each photo. So I went back and adjusted them. I think the few days between the first and second round of edits allowed for a better presentation.


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