Below are a couple of sketched studies that I did recently. The first one is white pencil on black paper. Using a reference photo I found online I was trying to simply capture the light that was falling across the subjects face and fingers. The eyes and most of the face in the reference were completely in black shadow. The reference image was an extremely high contrast photo and I was attempting to duplicate it with white pencil on black paper. This is a challenging exercise since I am so accustomed to drawing with dark graphite and I am usually concentrating on the shaded areas. In a drawing of this type you have to “flip” your technique and focus only on the lightest areas.

Praying hands, only the hairline, forehead, cheeks, & fingers are visible.

In the next sketch I am back to my usual tools of graphite on white paper. This eye study was just an attempt to focus solely on the human eye. The drawing is around twice the scale of a real human eye. This gives me the opportunity to place more detail into the study. The paper I choose for this sketch has a fair amount of tooth so some of the paper texture comes through. If I were to attempt a more serious study I would use smooth paper so more realistic shading can be achieved. At some point, I would really like to try a large scale human portrait. Perhaps 4 times larger than life. I think it would be interesting for certain. Time consuming too!

Thanks for stopping by, see you guys soon. – MDL

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