I was lucky to capture this image on a recent evening walk. I stopped to take a photo of birds roosting on a communications tower downtown. As I raised the camera to compose the photo, the sound of a loud motorcycle cracked through the air and startled the birds. I was lucky enough to snap a photo as they were taking flight. The resulting images are below, one in B&W and the other in color.

I like the contrast of the fixed tower against the blurred motion of the birds as they take flight.

I’m not sure which version I like the most, I typically prefer black & white images, and I think that’s were I’m leaning here as well. What do you guys think? – MDL

12 thoughts on “ Spontaneous reaction ”

  1. Some say fortune favours the brave. I say fortune favours the prepared. Glad you were prepared and had a camera on hand. I like the black and white.

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  2. Another for the mono version, because of the high contrast – as well as the contrast of a fixed object and that of the moving blurred birds, it doesn’t need the added information of colour. Lovely shot.

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