Here are a few digital sketches I have created lately. The sketch immediately below was created in Procreate with my iPad and Apple Pencil. The goal was to create a loose sketch, the proportions got a little wonky but I really don’t mind. I sketch for fun and artistic freedom so I was fully satisfied with the result.

This sketch was also done with the Procreate app and my iPad. Once again fun and loose was the focus. I put a little more effort into the background and allowed my initial rough marks to be visible. I think this adds an element of “looseness” and process to the sketch that I like.

This final sketch was done with a Huion pen tablet and pc. The software used was Clip Studio Pro, which I prefer over Photoshop. This software includes many media and mark making instruments. Once again, I allowed the proportions of the face to get a little “off” but that’s ok, It’s still a success to me, because I had fun.

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by and have a great day. – MDL

6 thoughts on “ A few digital sketches ”

  1. I’m loving your work. I especially love you had fun! As part of lockdown/work from home we’re playing drawing games (similar to Pictionary) online. I use my Apple Pencil but no one in my team can recognise what I draw. ….

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  2. Brilliant job, makes me want to give procreate another go.

    Have only used it a few times since buying this thing in 2019, whilst I liked the look of all the fancy stuff (and the non-fancy stuff) I wasn’t gelling with it that well. Maybe the feeling of drawing with a biro on glass doesn’t fulfill as much as the scrape of graphite on paper or something…

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