About v2.0

I’m glad your curious enough to visit my about page.  Continue reading to get some insight about the blog, myself, and what type of content to expect.

b l o g

This blog will primarily feature art and photography.  It also may occasionally feature other subjects as well based on the author’s mood and personal interest.  But, as stated, it will primarily be art and photography.  Not necessary good art and photography, but, art and photography just the same.

a r t

photo jan 11, 8 38 45 pmThe art will be sketches or drawings created by the author on a wide array of subject matter.  These sketches will typically be created using pen & ink or graphite, or, a combination of any artistic implements that are within an arms reach.


p h o t o g r a p h y

Ice Storm Comp 04The photography will be captured with a Canon DSLR or iPhone.  I have not settled into any specific genre of photography, so, I basically shoot anything that I think may make an interesting image.


c r e a t o r

Profile PhotoThe person behind this spectacle of questionable artistic expression is an average joe.  I’ve been married nearly 30 years to my high school sweetheart.  We have 2 wonderful children and a four-legged old lady named Katie.


I started this blog to share my love of sketching and photography.  This is my little corner of the interwebs where I share my creations. I have tried other social media platforms in the past but other than Instagram none of them really stuck.  I like blogging though, and I hope you enjoy my content and are inclined to visit often.

Below are a few random facts.

  • I’m in my late 40s
  • I enjoy the outdoors, particularly hiking
  • I’m in the construction industry and make my living as a designer
  • I have a very eclectic taste in music
  • I also do a bit of woodworking and appreciate furniture design
  • I love coffee and must have it daily!
  • I value a simple life and have been pursuing it for quite some time.  One day, I hope to catch it

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a r t + p h o t o g r a p h y + c r e a t o r = b l o g