This blog is a place to share the things that I am passionate about.  To share the things that occupy my mind and keep the wheels of creativity turning within me.  To be more specific I intend to focus on 2 subjects… drawings & photography (I may occasionally squeeze in a post or two about woodworking as well).

I have recently made a deliberate decision to develop a drawing skill.  I have had an interest in drawing for years but, was too busy to devote the time necessary to developing the skill.  I am still busy, but, I also realize that life is short and one must take time and make time to pursue the things that they are interested in.  Currently, my primary medium is pen & ink.  On occasion I produce graphite drawings as well.  I plan to post drawings that I feel are worthy of sharing in some way.

I also enjoy photography.  I mainly shoot digital images with my DSLR but I also have a vintage 35mm film camera that I use on occasion.  The photos I post will more than likely cover a wide variety of subjects and styles.  I have not yet found my “niche” and I am currently exploring different subjects, styles, & techniques.  I am still a novice but I am enjoying the journey.

I hope you find this site interesting.  Please follow and check back often for updates.



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