Fun with Procreate

A had a little fun working in Procreate.  This portrait was created on a gray background,  I used simple strokes and crosshatching in both black and white to create the shadows and highlights.  Its a simple technique that produces good results. So far, traditional (pen & paper) techniques have been a direct transfer to digital […]

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More Procreate!

Another Lee Jeffries inspired portrait Continuing with the theme of my last portrait, here is another portrait featuring hands on the subject’s face. This was drawn in Procreate and is based in a photograph by Lee Jeffries.  I took a slightly different approach to the finished portrait this time by adding a touch of color. […]

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Going Digital?

Thoughts on something new and exciting! A few weeks ago I was lucky enough for my employer to provide me with a new iPad and Apple Pencil.  I call already see the benefits of such a device in the workplace, but, I had to ask myself, why place limitations?  These newly acquired accouterments of the […]

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