Recommended Read – What is a “Real” Artist?

I read an article at Muddy Colors this morning that I instantly wanted to share.  The article is written around what defines a “real” artist.  This a subject that I have pondered many times and I imagine that other creative people have as well.

“Am I an artist?”  Is a question I have asked myself many times and I still don’t know how I would react if I was asked this question by a stranger.  I sketch…does that make me an artist? I enjoy photography…does that make me an artist?  I am a fairly competent woodworker…does that make me an artist?  You get the idea.  Everyone has a different opinion on what skill level or activities makes someone a “Real” Artist.

Anyway, I think this article does an excellent job of addressing the question and I highly recommend reading it.  Especially, if you have ever wondered the same of yourself.

Link to the article –> What is a “Real” Artist?

Inktober – Day 8

Currently, I am finding the official Inktober prompt list to be quite useful.  However, I still reserve the right to go “of the list” whenever other inspiration strikes!


Inktober – Day 7

I was able to make time for an Inktober sketch today.  I decided to stick with the official prompt of “Shy” for this one.  I can’t take credit for the composition, I used a photo reference but I thought it fit the theme quite well.


Inktober – Day 4

I managed to find time to create a sketch today.  I will say that I am a bit disappointed in the way it turned out.  But, I did try to do something different with this sketch.  A bit of experimentation.  It just didn’t turn out to well.

Enough of that…here is the sketch.  Oh, today I did decide to go with the official prompt of underwater.