Sunday Snap 02.17.19

Sunday Snap 02.17.19 Featured Image

For this Sunday Snap, I traveled back to 2015…

This photo was taken back in September of 2015 when I was just becoming interested in photography.  I shot this image with a Canon PowerShot SX400 IS which is a point and shoot camera.  I originally purchased this camera to document hiking trips.  That is what spurred my interest in photography.  I still have this camera and enjoy using it on occasion.

The camera lacks the ability to manually set aperture or shutter speed, it doesn’t even have a proper viewfinder, just a screen.  But, I like it none the less!

The subject of today’s snap is an abandoned building about one mile from my home.  It fronts on the same highway that I travel each day during my daily commute.  I wish I knew the history of this building but unfortunately, I don’t.  To me, it has the look of an old country store.  I can imagine a single family running the store on the ground level while living on the second floor above.

Abandoned buildings like this always make me wonder what happened.

How did this building fall into ruins?

Who is the owner?

Why has it been left to be consumed and reclaimed by nature?

Sunday Snap 02.17.19

“Ruins are more beautiful than adorned castles, for ruins are the cathedrals of time.” – Ben Caesar

Thanks for viewing, I hope you have a great day!

Mike L.

Abandoned & Lonely

There’s something about this image that I find intriguing.  To me, it speaks of loneliness and abandonment.

The bars on the window indicate that perhaps, at sometime in the past, this building held items that were precious to someone.  The building and it’s contents where important and worth protecting.

Now…only shards of glass and tattered drapes remain.  Important to no one, simply forgotten and neglected.


This image was shot during the same outing as my On the hunt for reflections… post.

As always, thanks for viewing my photos…I hope you enjoy them.

– Mike L.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Silence

Silence (3 of 3)

The theme for this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Silence.  I took a walk around my home to see what I could spot that would convey silence to the viewer.  Below are the photos, as well as, my thoughts on how each photo represents silence.

Click on any of the photos below to see a higher resolution version.

Silence (1 of 3)
I came across this wilted rose, It is the only blossom remaining on a small rose bush. The other roses have been swept away by the harsh winter winds but this one remains in total silence. Abandoned, unnoticed, and forgotten by the world.
Silence (2 of 3)
In the warmer months of the year this swing is anything but silent.  It is the epicenter for backyard fun. Surrounded by children laughing and playing.  Now it sits still except for the occasional breeze that may reluctantly coax it into movement.
Silence (3 of 3)
This is my favorite photo of the group.  It’s an interior shot of a window in a small shed on my property.  The shed is mainly used to store yard and gardening tools and supplies.  During the winter months this shed and it’s contents sit in silence,  enduring the cold, waiting for spring, when it will once again enjoy regular visits from the underpaid and overworked head grounds keeper (that would be me).

If you enjoyed this post, please visit the links below to see some of my other works.  Thanks.

Graphite Drawing – Out to Pasture

"Out to Pasture" progress photo
"Out to Pasture" completed drawing.
The completed drawing. 10″ x 14″

I started this graphite drawing in December of last year.  I steadily worked on it until it was around 85% complete.  Then, doubt entered into my mind.  I didn’t think I had the skill level necessary to complete the work.  So for months this drawing laid in my drawer waiting for me to find the confidence to finish it.  Last week I decided I had procrastinated enough!  So I pulled it out, dusted it off, and got back to work.

Now I have a completed piece!  The sad part is I allowed doubt to sabotage my progress and hold me back.  Sometimes it’s best to charge ahead. You may surprise yourself, you may be more capable than you think, or maybe learning comes from the experience of doing.

Enlarged view

This drawing was created using a photo reference from 

Pen and Ink Drawing – Old Shed

I created this drawing for the April pen and ink challenge hosted at  They are a wonderful group of like minded people.  If you have an interest in any type of art you should check them out.

Pen and ink shed drawing
Pen and ink drawing of another shed. This was done for the April pen and ink challenge hosted at