Weekly Photo Challenge – Liquid


Above is my entry for this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.  The theme for this week is Liquid.

This week, I immediately knew what I wanted to shoot.  My wife has been discovering her artistic side lately.  Being the dedicated husband that I am, I have been encouraging her as much as possible.  So, I thought we could collaborate for this week’s challenge.  She would supply the artwork and I would supply the photos.

A few months ago my wife discovered acrylic pour paintings.  In this process various additives are combined with the paint to manipulate how the paint flows.  Once all the additives are thoroughly mixed into each color.  The various colors are then combined into a single cup.  Think of this process like stacking layers of paint into a cup.  The cup full of combined paints is quickly flipped over sealing the rim of the cup to the canvas.  She will then slowly lift the cup away and allow the paint to flow across the canvas.  The paint can be manipulated by tilting the canvas in the direction she would like the paint to flow into or by the use of various tools.

Below are some additional photos I took while the paint was still in its liquid state and still moving on the canvas.

I apologize for not including a photo of the finished piece.  The paint will have to cure and then the painting is washed and sealed.  This final process takes about 2 weeks.  Perhaps I can provide a photo of the finished painting in a separate post.

If you would like to see more of Jennifer’s work please visit Coastal Moon Studio on Etsy.  Her shop is new and therefore she is still adding inventory.  She sales earrings & accessories that are made through the pour painting process and she will also be adding some of her original paintings.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Unlikely

05-06-18 Unlikely

Above is my entry for this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.  The theme for this week is unlikely.  This may not be the best example of unlikely, but I didn’t expect to find this colorful little guy hanging out at my back door this weekend.

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Hot-Air Balloon Launch

Heart shaped hot-air balloon ready to launch

For the past several years the company that I work for has participated as a hot-air balloon launch site for the Carolina BalloonFest.  This year I arrived early so I could photograph the event.  Spectators are allowed to be on the field as the balloon crews are setting up the balloons.  It is interesting to watch this occur.  As each crew member seems to have a specific role in the unloading, inflation, and launch of the balloon.  Each balloon is unique in shape and color.  Also, the balloons are launched just after sunrise when the air is still cool and the winds are light.  This made for some decent photo opportunities with the bright flames of the burners against the new light of the day.

Click on any of the photos below to see a larger version.

Flames from a burner shoot into the balloon
Flames shoot from the burner as a balloon is being inflated and prepared for launch.
Flames shoot from the burner as a hot-air balloon ascends
More flames as the balloon pilot is lifting away
Balloons being inflated
Balloons being inflated.  The dog shaped balloon in the background was a big hit with the younger children.
A hot-air balloon body against the blue sky
I just liked this composition with just a portion of the balloon in frame.
Hot-air balloon ascending
Pilot and passengers start their journey.  They are steered by the winds and as chase crew monitors their location from the ground.  Once the balloon lands the chase crew will meet them to pick up passengers and balloon.
Several hot-air balloons in the sky
Four balloons launch in quick succession.
Heart shaped hot-air balloon ready to launch
Once again, I really like this composition.