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Something a little different…

This is a little different I guess, at least it’s not a full portrait.

This sketch is based on a reference photo I found online.  I liked how the hand partially obstructed the face, the dark shadows added even more depth and mystery.

I may continue with this theme and produce a series of sketches featuring hands and faces.  I like the emotive quality.

The medium is graphite, powdered charcoal, & white pencil on toned tan paper.

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I can see you

Dedicated to Daily Sketching

One of my goals for 2019 is to sketch each day.  So far, I have been choosing to sketch in the early morning hours prior to leaving for work.  This seems to work well with my natural ebb & flow of energy.  My mind is the sharpest and most focused during the morning hours.

My weekdays are full of both professional and family responsibilities, so free time can be limited.  However, I am dedicated to making sketching a normal part of my daily routine.

I started taking drawing seriously in the fall of 2016 and continued to draw all of 2017.  However, I moved away from drawing in 2018 to pursue other interest and looking back on it I feel that it was a poor decision.

In the past I have treated my sketchbooks as though they were precious items that can only contain “good” drawings.  I am realizing that this leads to a fear of experimentation.  This year I intend to make a habit of being free within my sketchbook.  Free to experiment, free to make mistakes, this will ultimately lead to growth in my drawing abilities and creativity.

So in 2019 expect to see more drawings and sketches on this blog.  Today, I am sharing a couple of pages from my sketchbook / journal that I carry with me daily.

Both pages below contain pen and ink eye studies.

photo jan 11, 8 37 55 pm

photo jan 11, 8 38 05 pm

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