Sunday Snap 03.10.19

Sunday Snap 03.10.19

Spring, it’s right around the corner…

I actually shot this image in the spring of 2016.  But, I thought it would be appropriate to share in today’s post since all signs are pointing to an early spring in my part of the world.

Also, I have been too busynah, the truth is, I haven’t taken the time to shoot any new photos this week.  I am planning to change that very soon.  I need to be more conscious of the fact that my iPhone can take a decent image and I need to be more mindful of that in my daily life.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Thank for viewing, Mike L.

Sunday Snap 03.10.19

The Green and Grungy Monster

So, me and a friend from Instagram have decided to help motivate one another by collaborating on a weekly photo challenge together.  This past week the theme was simple…green.  That’s it, no specific shooting styles or subjects.  Our photos only had to have the common thread of green.

So, I started thinking about “green” things to shoot and since it’s the end of summer there is plenty of green around, but, I wanted something out of the ordinary.  The misses and I were downtown and she spotted a green & grungy beater of a pickup.  It was sitting in the parking lot of our local hot rod shop.  It had apparently just been hauled in.  It was sitting in their lot on jack stands.  It didn’t even have wheels or tires.  We both agreed that it would be put on the short list of potential subjects.

So late last week I returned shortly after nightfall to see if I could capture some interesting photos of the green and grungy monster.  As I walked up to the truck I could see that the bed was still full of trash and junk.  It even had a few plants growing out of the bed and hanging over the side.  It seemed to have been neglected for years.  Luckily, there weren’t any other vehicles close to it so I had plenty of room to move around and find the angles and compositions I wanted.

Below are a few shots from that night.  I hope you enjoy them!