Fish-Eyed Refection

While walking Katie yesterday we passed by a newly installed barber poll.  This little barbershop opened for business on our street a little over a month ago.  He seems to be doing well so far.

While walking past I noticed the fish-eyed reflection at the bottom of the poll.  I pulled out my phone for a quick snap.

A little bit of editing in Snapseed + quick bit of erasing in Procreate = a little snap to share


If you look closely you can see me, my son, & Katie in the reflection.

Have a great week!

On the hunt for reflections…

I took another trip downtown this past weekend to see if I could find something interesting to point my camera lens at.  I was on the hunt for reflections.

Reflections was the theme for this past weeks photo challenge.

I had high hopes of finding “photographic gold”.  Capturing a wonderful moment and coming home with a masterpiece recorded on my SD card.

Unfortunately, that was not the case.  I walked the familiar streets and alleys but no gold was to be found.

The weather was mostly cloudy, so there wasn’t much opportunity to play with light or shadows.  But, I made the best of it and still enjoyed my time on the hunt!

I did manage to capture a few reflections.

I came across this old window.  I noticed the wavy glass, old brick, and the reflection of the sky.
I managed to capture the reflection of our library (and my brother) in this storefront window.
I shot this in a narrow alley.  I liked the contrast of the dirty alley and the green tree beyond.
I couldn’t resist walking past the comic book store for one more shot.

I shot many more photos during this walk.  I plan to post them in a few days…So, please visit again soon.

Thanks for viewing my photos…I hope you enjoyed them. – Mike L.