Shop Update 02

I have been continuing to spend most of my spare time in the shop.  It seems that my creative interest lay squarely in 3 pursuits.  If you have been following my blog long then you probably already know that those pursuits are drawing, photography, & woodworking.  I don’t seem to have the ability to focus on all three at once.  Instead my natural instincts are to focus on each one singularly.  I’m not sure if this is a hindrance or an asset to my creative growth. On one hand it is good that I naturally want to focus my efforts into a single medium…but, on the other hand, does this narrow my opportunities in other creative forms?  I’m not sure.  This is a topic that I will continue to ponder and I may begin to write a few blog posts on this subject.

What about you?  Do you bounce around between different creative pursuits or are you hyper focused on mastering a singular skill?  I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the subject.

Sorry, I went off on a bit of a tangentback to The Shop Update

For the last couple of weeks I have filled a few Etsy orders and I have spent some time building an item for myself.  This may come as a surprise but I rarely have the opportunity to actually build something that I want for myself.

Lately, I have been drawn to seating, particularly chairs & stools.  I have never built any type of seating before so, I decided to attempt to build a stool that I could use at my workplace.  I poked around the internet to find some inspiration and that inspiration was found in a stool designed by Filip Gordon Frank.  I liked the clean lines and overall shape of the stool.  Since I am making this for myself I didn’t see any harm in mimicking his design.  I would never take someone else’s design and try to claim it as my own or reproduce it for profit.  Anyway,  I put together a sketch to determine the correct height and geometry the stool would need to make it fit the use I hand in mind.

I decided to use walnut and oak because of the strong color contrast that these two species would provide.  The rear legs & foot rest are walnut, the front legs and back rest are oak.  The seat is a combination of both species.

Below are a few shots of the build process.  I started out by milling some rough sawn walnut to build the rear legs and seat supports.  Each side of the stool was assembled first so I could ensure symmetry.  Once the sides where completed I added the rear stretcher, foot rest, back rest, & seat.

Below are a few shots of the completed stool.  Click on any of the images below to see a larger version and description.

Thanks for reading my post.  I hope you enjoyed it.

Mike L.

Shop Update 01

I haven’t posted anything related to woodworking in a while, so I thought it was time to get off my butt and do something about it.

My woodworking drive is somewhat tied to the seasons.  My interest usually intensifies when the weather begins to cool down.  The reason?  I simply have more time available to get into the shop and build stuff.  When the weather cools down my chore list usually shrinks with the temperatures.  Maintaining the yard is no longer the main time suck and my mind begins to ponder on new and exciting possibilities.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy woodworking year round.  For the last few months I have maintained an Etsy shop at and sale a variety of small items.

This valet tray is my best seller so far
Photo May 23, 8 01 59 PM
I also offer wooden wallets

This puts a little extra cash in my pocket and let’s me enjoy one of my hobbies at the same time.  The items I offer are easy to package and ship which helps me to keep the shop manageable, since it’s a side hustle.

When it comes to woodworking I’m really drawn to furniture.  Specifically, modern furniture, basically anything that is rooted in mid-century modern tends to catch my eye.  I have built some furniture in the past, mainly small accent tables and…umm… yeah, some small accent tables.  But, I have plans of tackling  bigger projects this winter and I hope to take you guys along with me.

My intention is to include the “Shop Update” as an on-going segment.  At this time, I’m not sure if I will post a shop update weekly, monthly, or just when I have something interesting to share.

I still plan to post my regular content but, I also want to introduce more diversity on this blog.





A Trip to the Antique Shop

Key City (3 of 3)

On Christmas Eve we visited one of the local antique shops just to browse the items and enjoy some time out and about as a family.  To me, it’s always interesting to browse through any kind of antique or vintage items.  I think (particularly in the U.S.) we put too much value on new and shiny and in the process we fail to see the value of older goods.  I think each blemish, be it a scratch or well-worn area, tells a story and should be appreciated for the service or use that a particular item has provided.  Many times these items have many years of service remaining and can become a cherished possession.

I carried my camera with me as we walked through the store.  I was hoping to discover some unique items or photo compositions.  I did manage to get a few shots that I thought may be worth sharing.

Click on any of the photos below to see a higher resolution version.

Key City (1 of 3)Key City (2 of 3)Key City (3 of 3)If you enjoyed this post, please visit the links below to see some of my other works.  Thanks.