Weekly Photo Challenge – Silence

The theme for this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Silence.  I took a walk around my home to see what I could spot that would convey silence to the viewer.  Below are the photos, as well as, my thoughts on how each photo represents silence.

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Silence (1 of 3)
I came across this wilted rose, It is the only blossom remaining on a small rose bush. The other roses have been swept away by the harsh winter winds but this one remains in total silence. Abandoned, unnoticed, and forgotten by the world.
Silence (2 of 3)
In the warmer months of the year this swing is anything but silent.  It is the epicenter for backyard fun. Surrounded by children laughing and playing.  Now it sits still except for the occasional breeze that may reluctantly coax it into movement.
Silence (3 of 3)
This is my favorite photo of the group.  It’s an interior shot of a window in a small shed on my property.  The shed is mainly used to store yard and gardening tools and supplies.  During the winter months this shed and it’s contents sit in silence,  enduring the cold, waiting for spring, when it will once again enjoy regular visits from the underpaid and overworked head grounds keeper (that would be me).

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